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  4. Bkellam


    Thank you for adding pictures!!! The grille looks GREAT!!!
  5. Custom built pillar pods. Available in single or dual versions and set up to fit 52mm or 2-1/16 gauges.

    The colors are a close match, but I can not match the factory texture, so I make the entire pillar smooth.

    This is a build to order item so shipping time may vary. If there are no orders in it will take around 4 weeks from build to ship. For more information please feel free to contact me.  


  6. BoostedFusion94


    Do you still sell these?
  7. Get your Famous Fusion grille.  Aggressive styling and deep dish styling will make your Fusion stand out from the crowd!

    Either wide open or with Slats that accent the existing body lines.

    Available in primer or gloss black, for other options or finishes please contact me directly.

    Want to save some more money? Send me your used non broken factory grille for a $75 refund of your purchase.

    Build and Shipping times will vary on this product. It is a build to order item. If there are no orders in it will take around 3 weeks from start to ship. For more information please contact me before ordering.

    From $450.00

  8. Buster24


    Single pod. Outside view
  9. Buster24


    Single pod
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